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Vov Password Generator 1.5

Create secure passwords with the length and the character sets of your choice
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The need for strong passwords is more and more pressing every day. The number of sites requiring complex and long passwords defy our limited imagination, and there is where a free and straightforward utility like Vov Password Generator comes to the rescue. This tiny tool lets you choose the length and the characters sets, and will use your preferences to produce a new random password every time you click on the “Generate” button.

Its small and simple interface offers five options that you can combine in whatever way fits your requirements or those of the site requesting a new password. Thus, you can define the number of characters to be used to build the password, as well as the inclusion or exclusion of digits, lower and upper case letters, and other less common characters. While numbers and lower/upper case letters are fixed sets that cannot be modified, the “Others” section is open to the user. The program offers a basic set of 24 characters that include punctuation signs and others, such as the ampersand, dollar, at, percentage, exclamation, and brackets signs. However, you can add new ones or even remove all of those and substitute them with other less common signs of your liking. You can check, uncheck, and combine any of these sets at will to customize your passwords.

Vov Password Generator doesn’t offer any extra or hidden functionality. Not that it claims to be anything more than just an efficient password generator, but I can’t help finding a tool like this somehow incomplete without a simple “save your passwords” feature. Being a free tool, though, I can only suggest Vovsoft kindly to think of the possibility of improving this otherwise excellent utility in future upgrades.

Francisco Martínez
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  • Customizable character sets
  • Copy the generated password with a click
  • Create your own sets of special characters


  • Does not include any password management functionality
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